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Karyna Mykolenko

Team recruitment and development specialist. Responsible for recruitment processes and building a recruiting structure of the Fund and portfolio companies


From the junior specialist to an expert – the way that was done by many employees in SaaS Search Initiative. We value business results, that’s why we value people who are not afraid to go higher and higher.
Join us! You will see how your efforts will bring you the result and profits here and now.



We offer plenty of resources for our employees’ professional growth: individual education, internal workshops, online and offline courses and an access to the best analytics in our industry. Also, they have a unique opportunity to discuss any topic with their colleagues within SaaS Search Initiative professional community.

Get Unique Experience

With SaaS Search Initiative, you can get a unique and valuable expertise on launching and promoting SaaS brands on international markets. We encourage our employees to implement their potential in full. After, we open new horizons together.


SEO Senior

PBN Manager

Copywriter - Advanced English Required