Benefits of Link Building Services by SaaS Search Initiative

Perhaps you already know how crucial it is to have backlinks in your SEO efforts. If you don’t apply this SEO marketing strategy, you will probably lose your rankings in search engine results pages. However, if you do, you will not only be showered with increased search appearances and more traffic but also get the following benefits:

  • Traffic through external reference
  • Increased SEO scores
  • Increased Visibility on Search
  • Improved SEO Certified Content
  • Increased Revenue and Sales
  • Increased Organic Search Traffic
  • Increased Site Metrics
  • Improved Relationships with
  • Decreased Bounce Rates

Link Building Methods We Use at SaaS Search Initiative

At SaaS Search Initiative, we follow several strategies to provide you with the highest web page credibility you are looking up to. We believe that every company has a goal and prioritises their strategies accordingly. So, we first try to understand your business goals by contacting your team. This way, we design and follow a custom-tailored model for your utmost satisfaction.

We also understand how precious your time is, so we aim to provide results in the shortest time possible. Having extended experience and tested tactics, we assure you that our strategies to acquire high quality backlinks will not let you regret it.

Below are some of the tested strategies that we provide to uplift your brand’s position:

Analyzing Keywords and Backlinks

After understanding your goals and target, we look through and analyze your brand pages, content, keywords, and existing backlinks. By doing so, we understand what areas are to be worked upon and what actually is holding you back.
For example, if your products are fantastic, but the product description in your content has complex terminologies, our SEO strategists will help you deal with the issue. Our team will design a customized and strategic roadmap to reach your target rank and audience. They will also analyze and revamp your backlink list to give it an improved look.

Creating Content To Generate Backlinks

So, till now, it might have become evident how important your content marketing is. For this reason, we have a team of expert SEO writers who can help you get increased organic traffic. These expert and experienced writers include all the keywords and information your target audience is looking for. Although this might take a little long time, it is a great way to uplift your brand’s overall quality and visibility.
What’s more? We often look for opportunities to make a deal with the brands looking for optimized quality content in exchange for a backlink for our clients. This is beneficial for both the parties as their requirement is fulfilled. All this is possible only because of long-term relationships with other companies and credibility.

Outreaching to High Authority Websites

Regardless of your brand’s size, you will definitely need the White-Hat link-building strategy to rule in your niche. Having collaboration and strong relationships with websites of different industries, we can build links for you by reaching out to the top companies. These companies are verified for they meet our set traffic standards, ranking, and metrics.
We contact the relevant companies through email marketing and ask them for a link placement on their sites. Through this strategy, your site will end up getting the most genuine target audience. This will directly uplift your search ranking and brand visibility, not to mention the revenue.

Acquiring Quality Backlinks

According to our experience, we usually get clients who expect ten backlinks on average (from reputed companies) for their brand. We promise to provide you with credible links within just 30 days, no matter how many links you are expecting.
When we analyze your profile at the initial stage, we look at the sites which have mentioned your brand in their content but have not sent a backlink. To get a backlink, we contact the companies and ask them to do so. This is, by far, the easiest way to get a backlink.
Other sources include guest posts, citations, references, link acquisitions, and articles. Nothing can stop you from ranking at the top SaaS industry through this link-building tactic.

Our Comprehensive SEO Strategy

In order to generate traffic and increased visibility in your SaaS website, you need to have excellent SaaS link building strategies. We can assist you in creating relevant topical content for easy link building through our services. We help you add references and citations from reputed companies, which will improve your brand authority.
What’s more? We bring your brand on social media platforms. This is the best way to improve your brand’s marketing and overall SERP position. Our agency can help you with resource pages, blogs, and White-Hat link building.
Till now, we have helped several SaaS businesses and brands in reaching their target position.

Backlink Analysis

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide a customized action plan after analyzing your backlink profile. We believe that there can be multiple reasons that might hold your brand behind.
So, we not only help you in link building but also in brand awareness, quality content creation, and other SEO services. Using the best marketing automation tools, we keep a record of how much your brand is growing. We also send you regular reports about backlinks, SERP position, metrics, website, and keyword rankings.
However, there is something you should be aware of: When choosing a SaaS link building agency, always make sure that they only provide white hat links and not the black hat ones. Why? Because the black hat links are scams and may put your company in legal trouble. So, our end goal is to take your brand to the top through a genuine pathway without any shortcuts.

Factors That Make A Good Link-Building Agency

Backlinks are the most critical ranking factor for driving organic traffic, but creating links on your own without the required systems in place is hard. Here’s where link-building agencies with specialized in-house teams come into play. But how to choose a link-building agency that maxes your ROI? Check the factors to look for below.

Improving Your Website’s Domain Authority

The agency you want to hire should have the primary focus on improving your site’s overall performance in search rankings, commonly referred to as domain authority (or DA), measured by a rating of 1 to 100. Your link-building agency will have to conduct a backlink audit to assess your existing link profile. It will help find and disavow any harmful backlink that hurts your site’s performance.

The most popular link-building method is guest-posting, which involves producing content for other websites. Your link-building agency needs to create high-quality content that matches the publisher’s content type and its audience’s interests. The agency should be able to prospect relevant websites via personal outreach campaigns so that the link-building process is foolproof.

Your agency needs to be careful about anchor text distribution so that your backlinks don’t appear black-hat type. There should be a judicious mix of branded, naked, and keyword-rich anchor texts for best performance.
In addition to building white hat links (discussed below) from a high authority website, the agency should also provide you with useful internal linking suggestions. This is for better rankings in search engine results. Even giving relevant external links can improve your website’s performance.

Our Transparent About
Link-Building Strategy

The agency you will be working with should be fully transparent about its link acquisition methods. They have to be open about the step-by-step process for finding relevant websites and resources they use to acquire each backlink for your website. You need to check whether the agency adopts white-hat methods to build links.

White-hat methods involve methods recommended by Google or are in line with Google’s best practices. They involve acquiring backlinks from publishing skyscraper content, data studies, and stat roundups from high-quality websites without any quid pro quo. Link exchanges, buying links, and building links via spammy PBNs are against Google’s guidelines, so your agency shouldn’t use them.

Our Expertise In Building Links

Your agency needs to be capable of providing value exchange in the form of high-quality content to prospective publishers. They should personally ensure the guest post is indexed and is reachable from the homepage in not less than three clicks. As an additional tip, it is always advisable to choose agencies that have long-standing relationships with reputed publishers.

It is safe to have links via different methods in your overall profile, so the agency you choose should offer you this diversity. A good mix of backlinks earned from guest posting, digital PR, and influencer outreach is excellent for traffic growth.

Our Years of Experience In Building Valuable Links

The agency should have trustable experience in offering backlink services. Every niche is different, so the agency’s marketing team should have the right skills to match your niche’s requirements. The right skills involve the ability to convince high-quality sites by building relationships through value exchange.

You also have to ensure that the agency is ready to align your goals with their link-building efforts. Agencies often have ready-made templates to acquire backlinks quickly. But if you have a special requirement (say Digital PR), you need to ensure that the agency is ready to discuss with you and offer tailor-made services that match your requirements.

Reviews For Our Services

You cannot trust a link building service without knowing about its user experience. Hence, it is essential to read reviews of a link building company before choosing it.
You must check out Google reviews about a SaaS link building company to understand what to expect.

Alternatively, you can check out the company website to see their testimonials. These reviews are authentic and may also expose any limitation of the service. You can also check review sites like TrustPilot in some instances.

Different Types of Link-Building Strategies

We have discussed this earlier, but it’s time to understand this concept in detail. There is no doubt that link building strategies are crucial to get first-page rankings. But search algorithms have evolved with multiple core updates, and sites that acquire shady backlinks are regularly getting hammered.

So, your backlink profile must have variety. It means that acquiring links via guest posts isn’t enough. The agency you hire should be able to offer a bouquet of links obtained from digital PR, HARO, influencer outreach, and directory listings like Yelp. It will make your backlink profile natural and better than your competitors.

Your agency should organically outreach to news publications and relevant influencers to build white-hat links. It is always good to get agencies that use out-of-the-box methods like content newsletters which by the way are working well in the SaaS niche.

Then, we have other link-building methods like unlinked brand mentions, broken link building, and replicating competitor backlinks. Your agency needs to study your backlink profile to know which type of links works for you and improve on it. The agency should study the specific target keywords you want to rank for to understand what type of backlink would suit the best. The number of links can be decided after analyzing competitor backlink profiles.

It is important to note that your agency should judiciously double down on each method. Guest posting should not be done on websites that accept payments for publishing your content. Your goal is to get secure links you wouldn’t have achieved with your personal efforts.

SaaS Link Building Services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is link building crucial for SaaS companies?

Link-building is one of the most crucial steps in the growth of any SaaS company, regardless of its size. It is directly linked to the increase in the credibility of the web page and eventually the revenue and sales. White-hat backlink-building, along with the other SEO services, helps a firm become a ‘brand’. Our SaaS marketing strategy is specialized in building a brand by getting links from the most reputed sources of your niche. If you are aiming at increasing your site’s visibility and ranking, you must consult our team for the best SEO tactics.

What are dofollow and nofollow links?

Dofollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks are two ways by which sites are linked. In both ways, the origin site is connected with the destination site. However, you do not get any SEO benefits if you receive the Nofollow links. Although you do not enjoy the benefits, the Nofollow links do increase the organic traffic to your web page. With changes in algorithm sites are now even benefiting with Nofollow links. If you get a Dofollow backlink, the search engine will provide you with increased Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Ranking (DR). In this case, the link passes credibility to your site. This affects your rankings and overall search appearances.

What shows the good quality of backlinks?

Quality links are the links received from credible and topically-related sources. It increases the authority of your web page if you receive backlinks from reputed companies of the common domain. Therefore, the higher the source credibility will be the quality of the backlinks. Also, a high-quality backlink comes from, using relevant keywords, natural language, and SEO tactics. We are here to assist you in getting white-hat, high-quality links for your company.

What link building strategies do you use to improve the rankings of SaaS companies?

Our agency has some experienced strategists who aim to uplift your brand position by following some tested tactics. On the top of them are the links through guest posts. Guest posts are one of the easiest ways to get links in exchange for high-quality content. While analyzing your backlinks, if we find any unlinked brand mentions, our team quickly contacts them to do so. Social media marketing of a brand can bring organic traffic and increase SERP position. This will eventually make your brand reputed. As a result, other topically-related companies will contact you for backlinks. Another important tactic is great content creation. After all, it is the content that engages people to spend more time on the site. So, our expert writers revamp the publications to make them more engaging with SEO keywords.

Do you guarantee the specific rankings?

Our SaaS link building service doesn’t guarantee specific results due to the technical nature of SEO. Link building is a complicated procedure and part of your search engine optimization process. We ensure that our clients get backlinks from high-authority websites. However, it may take some time to see the real effects of these high-quality links on your site stats. With that being said, an improvement in your website performance is highly anticipated. Combining a good SaaS linkbuilding service with white hat SEO practices and high-quality content, there is no reason your site won’t see progress.
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