Partnership Program

Partnership Program

You need a team to manage your SEO strategies and everything involved
in running an agency. We provide you with a suitable team of experts handling various roles, including:

Client Communication

We help you build trust with your clients by ensuring effective communication between you and your clients.

SEO Strategy

We develop a strategy that aligns with your company vision and helps you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Detailed Reporting

We provide monthly reports detailing our consistent steps to deliver value and facilitate customer satisfaction.

Resource Coordination

The team strategizes on meeting the needs of every client for the successful execution of every campaign.

Data-Driven SE0

Our SEO strategy development is based on quantitative and qualitative data to ensure coverage of all aspects of your company data

Project Management

Regardless of the number of clients you engage, we provide the best work to achieve your goals and company vision.

Why Choose SaaS Search Initiative?

At SaaS Search Initiative, we conduct our SEO services in a way that’s different from other SEO agencies.

Most of the business we conduct comes from partnerships with clients like you.

We welcome you to join our movement as we plan to take over the client-based SEO space.

We invest in our services to facilitate excellent delivery of work to our clients. Thus, we hire the best SEO experts and ensure all the resources necessary for success are available. Our experts invest time in finding out factors that could cause problems to your website. They suggest practical solutions that can help your site improve.

By continuously learning what makes a successful Google SEO strategy, we help clients dominate the SEO industry. Thus;

  • We have hundreds of online resources to help us conduct first-class research on every issue of SEO
  • We constantly check the Google algorithm for any changes and learn what to do to generate the best results
  • Our experts understand every aspect of SEO to help clients develop the best SEO strategies

How Do Our Partnerships Work?

Our partnership can happen in two ways, namely;

Client or Lead Referral

You refer possible leads or clients we had previously closed

You earn 10% from each payment the referred client makes. Our charges start from a minimum of $2500 per month per client.
Once referred, we take up the tasks and deliver work to the client directly.

Our finance chief contacts you monthly for commission payments to save you from the hassle.

White Label Services

We do the work and deliver it to you in a format you can edit

You can make the desired adjustments, including our branding

You provide the work to the client with your branding

You contact the client. We send you an invoice; you include your margin and send it to the client

How Do You Choose Between the Options?


If your main goal is to grow your brand and become more visible, choose White Label Services.


If you want to focus on scaling your business and earn some residual income, pick the Client or Lead Referral program.


Do you need any further information? Kindly contact us today, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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